Digital Immersive Arts Experience At London’s Frameless

If you love art and fancy experiencing art a little different then Frameless is the place for you. Situated a short walk from Marble Arch, Frameless is London’s first permanent digital immersive arts experience. And you won’t be just looking at paintings, you’ll be inside them with its incredible displays of animated masterpieces. Each one with its own theme, showing the work in exciting ways.

All the artworks have been brought to life using state-of-the-art digital techniques designed to complement the specific art techniques and artworks on display. It’s like you have entered another world whilst interacting with both the artworks and the music.

Frameless features masterpieces from some of the world’s greatest artists. Including the likes of Cezanne, Kandinsky, Monet, Dali, Van Gogh, Canaletto, Rembrandt and Klimt.

Shelley & Michelle xx

One thought on “Digital Immersive Arts Experience At London’s Frameless

  1. Definitely Art how amazing looking at those pictures which draw you in. How cool are those pictures the way you just look like you have been painted in it is like the Artist has took there time painting you and the. scenery around just brilliant.


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